And it's up on YouTube...
TubeWiz has a direct link to YouTube servers built in. Uploads are fast, and they don't tie up your browser... more>>
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Titles Yes Yes
Captions Yes Yes
Credits Yes Yes
Subtitling Yes Yes
Anti-shake Yes Yes
Picture shape Yes Yes
Rotation Yes Yes
Slideshows Yes Yes
Audio —import Yes Yes
—silencing Yes Yes
—save to MP3   Yes
—save to WAV   Yes
YouTube upload Yes Yes
Save DFace blurs   Yes
Save-as-AVI   Yes
No TubeWiz logo   Yes
Forum support   Yes
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Brilliance, by TubeWiz!
Add crisp, clean titles and captions, put logos in the corner (like the BBC and ESPN!), or do classy rolling credits. It's really easy! more>>
Fix technical problems
Trim off bumpy starts, and fix camera shake; alter the picture shape; even fix stuff filmed sideways by mistake!  more>>
Do clever stuff!
You'll be amazed what you can do so easily: Our DfaceTM technology lets you blur objects and faces on-screen, or hide backgrounds. more>>
Save your soundtrack to MP3...
... or a WAV file. Replace the audio or silence it. Export it for your iPod, or even make it into a ringtone! more>>
Make a slideshow...
... if you've a collection of pictures you want to make into a video presentation, TubeWiz makes it really easy for you. more>>
Upload direct to YouTube...
Help with listing and labelling and a power-upload! Save to AVI and Flash too.... more>>
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